20 awesome storage ideas for those who love having everything in the right place


20 awesome storage ideas for those who love having everything in the right place

20 awesome storage ideas for those who love having everything in the right place.We all enjoy having our homes perfectly tidy — and a key sign of this is when everything is in its right place. However, hardy anyone likes wasting time on cleaning, dusting, hovering, mopping, or putting things on the shelves. In other words, it seems that we have to endure terribly boring activities if we want to achieve our goal here.

Well, not everything is as it seems. We strongly believe that if you learn just a couple of the little tricks mentioned below, you will fall in love with your household chores.

Shelves in the garage

The space above the garage door seems to be absolutely useless. However, you simply need to think a bit more creatively. Then you will see that it can be used for putting some quite convenient shelves where you can store a whole number of seasonal items: Christmas decorations and ski equipment, for example.

How to get the perfectly tidy car

A second life for an old magazine rack

Large hair styling accessories (girls, I bet you know what we’re talking about) can be stored vertically in a nice old rack for magazines and newspapers. So retrieve it from the cupboard or attic and give it another chance to be used — you’ll not regret it!

How to store canned food

A great solution for saving space in a small kitchen is a self-made storage box for all those cans you’ve got crammed into every cupboard. It’s extremely easy to make, and its convenience should not be underestimated.

Saving space in the closet

You will be surprised at just how useful a simple pull-tab from an aluminium can be to help you save space and organise your things rationally. Just fasten it to a clothes hanger and you’ll understand!

Keeping tools close to hand

Garden tools can be stored on towel rails. Now there’s no need to have them getting dirty in piles on the floor! Plus, they’ll be easier to find this way.

Put smaller items in the hallway

As soon as we enter our homes, we often put our keys, sunglasses or new mail wherever we see some free space, creating a mess. A box for small items or a special shelf will solve this problem once and for all.

Containers for spices

Empty tic-tac boxes are good for storing spices as well as helping you to take them to the picnic or wherever you are going without the risk of them getting spilled everywhere.

Kitchen cabinets

The sides of kitchen cabinets can be used as additional shelf space. There also a great place to hang up a hook for a hand towel.

Jewellery storage

You will need a piece of perforated cardboard and some small hooks. This will help you find any one tiny piece of jewellery you need.

Ideas for lids

Storing the lids of various containers is often a complicated issue: they always spill out of the cupboards and take up a lot of space which could be used for more important things. Putting a drainage rack or a special bar in the drawer may help to organise these items more wisely.

Establishing internal order

Even if no one looks inside your cabinets, do not turn them into a mess. Arrange everything in drawers logically and neatly, or install shelves on the inside of cupboard doors wherever possible.

Useful dividers

Space in the lingerie drawer can be wisely organised by using plastic pipes or cups, which can be found in many hardware stores. Another problem solved!

Sorting laundry

Instead of one huge laundry basket, use several smaller boxes. It will help to sort things in advance.

A drawer under the bed

Drawers from old furniture can still be useful you: put some fresh bedclothes there and hide it under the bed until they’re needed.

A magnetic cosmetics kit

Stick some small magnets to the various cosmetics that you frequently use and fix a metal panel on the wall. Now everything will be close at hand and you won’t have to waste your time looking for things all over your room.

Containers for bits and pieces

Put a cake pan in a drawer and store various items in each place. That way all your bits and pieces will never get lost in one huge mass or disappear into nooks and crannies.

A table for ironing

Ironing boards invariably take up a lot of space. Replace yours with a tall, narrow table covered in the appropriate cloth. It’s lower shelves can be used for storing various things, and more generally, it will look far nicer than an ironing board folded up in the corner.

Boxes for paper and documents

You should get your hands on special boxes and files for different bits of paper (bills, letters, other important documents) so that you can always quickly find everything you need.

Hidden cabinets inside pictures

Behind a picture frame you can hide a small narrow cabinet. These are not only useful for saving space, but they also look really rather creative and charming.[/expander_maker]

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