BOOKSTATS: Greece Sells Bestselling Bond in Europe This Week

Greece’s triumphant return to Europe’s publicly syndicated primary bond market with a 10Y deal, just weeks after it sold a long 5Y tranche, sets a milestone in its recovery from the financial crisis.

  • The deal attracted the week’s largest orderbook by both volume and subscription level, allowing the sovereign to cut 22.5bps from the initial price talk
  • See tables below for available weekly bookstats data


Issuer Deal Size Orderbook Subscription Note
Medtronic EU7.00b EU30b 4.29 6-part
Vinci GBP400m GBP1.45b 3.63
Telefonica Emisiones EU1.00b EU3.50b 3.50
Heathrow Funding EU650m EU2.25b 3.46
Vinci GBP400m GBP1.35b 3.38
Nokia EU750m EU2.50b 3.33
Anglo American Capital EU500m EU1.60b 3.20
Anglo American Capital GBP300m GBP700m 2.33
Telefonica Europe (Hybrid) EU1.30b EU2.80b 2.15
Cie Saint Gobain EU1.50b EU2.90b 1.93 2-part


Issuer Deal Size Orderbook Subscription
CYBG (AT1) GBP250m GBP1.15b 4.60
Jyske Realkredit EU500m EU2.00b 4.00
Bank of China, Paris EU500m EU1.75b 3.50
BFCM (SNP) EU1.00b EU3.25b 3.25
Erste Group Bank (AT1) EU500m EU1.60b 3.20
Credit Mutuel Arkea (Tier 2) EU750m EU1.80b 2.40
AMP Group Finance Services $300m $600m 2.00
Mortgage Society Finland EU300m EU560m 1.87
Stadshypotek EU1.25b EU2.10b 1.68
Sagax EU300m EU500m 1.67
ASB Finance EU500m EU700m 1.40
Deutsche Pfandbriefbank (Sr Pref) EU250m EU300m 1.20


Issuer Deal Size Orderbook Subscription
Hellenic Republic EU2.50b EU11.80b 4.72
State of North Rhine Westphalia 15Y (Sustainable) EU2.25b EU7.80b 3.47
State of North Rhine Westphalia 7Y EU2.50b EU6.10bn 2.44
EIB (SONIA) GBP500m GBP1.20b 2.40
L-Bank $500m $600m 1.20
Asian Development Bank GBP700m GBP765m 1.09
FMS Wertmanagement EU500m EU500m 1.00
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